The Weasel is very, very sick.

August 2014, Germany

The Weasel’s nose was very, very sick for a long time, so it got big and red like a huge tomato. Now it is all better, after many nasal sprays and tons of paper tissues.

(Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator with Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
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Burg Randeck in Essing, Germany

August 2014, Essing, Germany

I think it happens quite often to realize that something came up in the picture that the photographer didn’t see back then at the moment of taking that picture. I took many pictures of the ruins of the Randeck Castle, but only when viewing them I saw this one. The clouds, so dramatic and spectacular as they look, appeared in a matter of few minutes, changing the whole set for the Weasel’s little photography session.

Owl at the Owls Farm (Eulenhof) Deining in Bavaria, Germany

July 2014, Eulenhof Deining Germany

Following the previous post: They were observing each of our movements, with their big, yellow eyes, from the shadows. They come in different shapes and sizes, from the tiniest one just 10 – 15 cm to the really big ones. They also make different sounds, as we were greeted by some of them. There’s even one owl that sounds like a cuckoo. They even had an incubator where they had 3 newly hatched baby-owls.


Owls at Eulenhof Deining, in Bavaria, Germany

July 2014, Eulenhof Deining, Germany

It was a real adventure reaching the Owls Farm (Eulenhof) in Deining, East-Bavaria, since the place is advertised only through mouth-propaganda, Internet and Facebook. They have over 200 different owls from all over the world, some of which being very rare or not even existing in wilderness. They do take also injured owls and have successfully reintegrated owls in wilderness. Although the place and the financial resources are limited, the owls are taken very good care of, with lots and lots of love, too.

Female Black redstart - Phoenicurus ochruros - sitting on a dead root at Altzella in Germany

Altzella, Germany, July 2014

The beauty of the garden in Altzella got the Weasel to take his camera and go there this year too, to take pictures. As the Weasel was going through one of those arches covered by climbing plants in order to get from one part of the garden to the other, this little black redstart flew away startled. The she sat on the root of a dead tree. The Weasel couldn’t miss this opportunity and took the camera and shot. As he wanted to take more pictures of this little fella, he realized that the memory card was full. While the Weasel was busy changing the card, the black redstart flew away, too fast for the Weasel to be able to take at least a second shot.

Snail in the Baroque Rosengarden in Tiefnau

Mai 2014 Tiefenau, Germany

Nature uses all these basic shapes to create this complex and rich appearance; humans, in their attempt to cope with and understand their environment, attach to the basic shapes meanings – the spiral: an infinite way to the endlessness, it goes through the same sectors again and again, yet not through the same path, like it would be in the case of a circle. In the end, it’s only a snail in a rose garden.

Dragonfly feeding on a moth in Schönfeld Park in Germany.

Mai 2014, Schönfeld Germany

This scene took place right where many walked by, yet remained unnoticed to most: on the metal handrail of one of the little bridges over a little stream which flows through the park. Both insects didn’t move at all the whole time as if they would have been frozen making everything a bit unreal.


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