Snail in the Baroque Rosengarden in Tiefnau

Mai 2014 Tiefenau, Germany

Nature uses all these basic shapes to create this complex and rich appearance; humans, in their attempt to cope with and understand their environment, attach to the basic shapes meanings – the spiral: an infinite way to the endlessness, it goes through the same sectors again and again, yet not through the same path, like it would be in the case of a circle. In the end, it’s only a snail in a rose garden.

Dragonfly feeding on a moth in Schönfeld Park in Germany.

Mai 2014, Schönfeld Germany

This scene took place right where many walked by, yet remained unnoticed to most: on the metal handrail of one of the little bridges over a little stream which flows through the park. Both insects didn’t move at all the whole time as if they would have been frozen making everything a bit unreal.

White rose with pink spots

Tiefenau, Germany, Mai 2014

We would admire a white rose, the bright whiteness of it’s petals, or say it’s beautiful, but only for a short moment. We all know how white roses are, and we even have a long row of meanings associated to it. In the end it’s only a white rose and the world is full of pictures and images of white roses taken exactly because of that “perfection” that the white rose would represent. More like a boring beauty. We stop and look longer when the white rose has something that makes it different than the other millions of white roses. Something that “breaks” it’s white perfection. And this something it’s what makes it unique, at least in our eyes.

Double rainbow in Saxony, Germany

Zeithain Germany, Mai 2014

After a storm threatening to tear down the world with the wind and wash it all with it’s water pouring furiously out of monstrously giant clouds almost to fall over the Earth and swallow it in their darkness, the sky put on this amazing jewel, like a tiara – the double rainbow. And it was only for a short little moment, cause it fade away in minutes, as the Weasel was trying to take the best pics of it.

Squirrel spotted in Baroque Garden Tiefenau Saxony Germany

June 2014 Tiefenau, Germany

This little thing jumped in front of us, only at 2-3 meters away and then went near this tree where she stopped to nibble on food. The Weasel said hello and asked if he can take pictures of her. The squirrel was not shy at all and posed for the Weasel while picking stuff from the ground and nibbling. I guess there were seeds from the tree.

Tiefenau, Mai 2014 Germany

Old walls partly covered by moss make some of the best textures. Such walls have something mysterious, majestic and peaceful in the same time. These walls usually surround hidden gardens, where humans don’t set foot very often and usually not for long.

Insect with really huge antennaes on a white flower in Germany, Lauterbach Park

Mai 2014, Lauterbach Germany

I think the antennas this little has are like 3 times longer than his body. He was a perfect model, posing for patiently as the Weasel was taking the usual 10000 shots, until settling for one picture.


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