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Germany, March 2014

I think there are no other beings that can die more beautifully and in silence than plants, i.e. cut flowers. The tones and shades of colors they take are even more fascinating than those they have as they are freshly cut and still lively. Decay is usually something we dread and we try with all our means to avoid or delay. But this is not the case for plants and trees. Or maybe it lays on our view over decaying. We find it getting old as being ugly. We used to see “being old” as “being wise”. Now we see it as “being useless”, “getting ready to be thrown in the garbage bin”.

Kelheim Germany, July 2012

Rooftops create interesting shapes and geometries. There’s some sort of unspoken rule of order in the chaos of a town where several hundred year old houses mix with 1970′s typical family-house architecture.

Complementary Colors

October 2014, Dresden Germany

Again, Nature teaches us about color and color combinations. Red and green, here, with tones perfectly fit and tuned to each other.

Großer Garten Dresden, Germany October 2013

In the first hours of the morning, the fog rises between the trees and on the alleys like a silent, strange creature, dampening the sounds of the steps and the chirping of the little birds hidden in bushes and between branches.

Germany 2013

When you come to think that in each infinitesimal drop of water a whole entire universe is encapsulated, and there are myriads and myriads of such water drops. When you come to think that we are made of myriads and myriads of tiny, perfect in themselves universes, and that we all, with everything around us are a tiny part, one of the myriads of tiny universes forming a bigger universe.

Dresden, Germany 2014

The herons welcome the sun rise. They sit majestically on their branches, motionless. Not so easy to spot them, neither to take a picture of them. As long as you keep moving or are at a safe (for them) distance, they remain still and one can enjoy the beauty of their sight.

Altzella, Germany 2013

This is no trick, only a duplex (duo-tone) photograph made in Photoshop, I did as an exercise. I like how the yellow flowers seem to almost jump over the green background of leaves.


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