Mushroom in Dresden, Germany

October 2011, Dresden, Germany

Someone decided they have to rise above, above the layers of dead leafs on the ground, and to make their way up, and be a big mushroom. Sometimes the way up doesn’t go so straight, but in the end the result is a gracious, S shaped stem.

White mushroom (Amanita Bisporigera - Destroying Angel) in Dresden, GermanyOctober 2011, Dresden, Germany

The little “Destroying Angel” mushroom reclined so it can catch the last rays of the setting autumn sun. And me thinking that mushrooms don’t like the sun very much, and prefer to keep their paleness.

Flies on the black cap of a mushroom in Dresden, Germany

October 2011, Dresden, Germany

I think that each type of creature is “designed” in such a way that finds certain smells appealing and other disgusting. Such as these flies, I assume, find this mushroom as something delicious and irresistible, while for humans (and probably other animals) it only stinks.

By the way, anyone knows what sort of mushroom this is?

Golden Autumn in Großer Garten in Dresden, GermanyGroßer Garten, Dresden, Germany

Autumn must be the color-richest season, yet it manages to create astounding monochromes as well.

White butterfly sitting on a yellow daffodil in the park at Schönfeld, GermanySchönfeld, Germany, April 2014

As days get shorter, darker and colder, a little reminder from Spring. As the Weasel was busy taking photographing the beautiful park, he noticed this group of daffodils, and. to his surprise, he found this little guest resting on one of them. The guest didn’t mind having his picture taken, he just stood there, posing.

American bald eagle waiting for the beginning of the birds-of-prey-show in Riedenburg, GermanyRiedenburg, July 2014, Germany

Minutes before the falconry show the stars were getting agitated, as they knew, probably, that there’ll be food. One of them stars was this magnificent African Fish Eagle. He was one of the most vocal birds from the group. A beautiful creature, featured on the coat of arms of some countries, yet I guess patience is not one of his strength.

Schönfeld, Germany, October 2013

Reflections are always a great subject, both mirror-clear as well as distorted reflections. The later are even more fascinating as they allow the imagination go free and build stories or fantasy worlds.


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