American bald eagle waiting for the beginning of the birds-of-prey-show in Riedenburg, GermanyRiedenburg, July 2014, Germany

Minutes before the falconry show the stars were getting agitated, as they knew, probably, that there’ll be food. One of them stars was this magnificent African Fish Eagle. He was one of the most vocal birds from the group. A beautiful creature, featured on the coat of arms of some countries, yet I guess patience is not one of his strength.

Schönfeld, Germany, October 2013

Reflections are always a great subject, both mirror-clear as well as distorted reflections. The later are even more fascinating as they allow the imagination go free and build stories or fantasy worlds.

Illustration of a Muskrat sitting on a beach chair, drinking a cocktail and wearing a sun hat.Germany, September 2014

In the hot days of summer, the muskrats retreat on the shore of their little pond, lay on beach chairs, drink cold cocktails and protect themselves from the sun by wearing little sombreros.

 (Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator with Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
Please abide the Copyright rules and do not re-post without my permission)

Weltenburg, Germany, August 2014

 Another outcome of the Weasel’s experimenting with backgrounds. There are many things to take in consideration, but first – it has to exist a background worth to focus upon in the picture.

Riedenburg, Germany, August 2014

At the Rosenburg Castle in Riedenburg they keep and develop the fine art of falconry, with accent on reviving almost extinct species of birds of pray. One way to finance the whole thing is to make shows for the public in which they present and educate about these magnificent birds – vultures from all over the world, owls, kites and falcons. As time for the show to start got closer and closer, the birds, exhibited in the yard, got more and more impatient, as they knew there’ll be food soon.

One of the stars of the show was the white scavenger vulture, a very intelligent fella. His part was to show the public the technique he and his kind use when eating eggs. They take the egg and go in search for a stone on the ground. Once they found one, they drop the egg on it until it cracks and the bird can enjoy a nice meal.

Bee on a yellow flower on the Danube Gorge (Donaudurchbruch) at Weltenburg in Bavaria, GermanyAugust 2014, Weltenburg, Germany

It’s quite a tricky thing to try to show in the picture the main subject as a background, while the apparent focus lays on the objects (subjects) in the front, in the first row. It took a few tries until I managed to make the camera focus on the point I intended it to, while keeping the background to some degree visible and perceptible. It actually taught me to pay more attention the backgrounds, not only to the main subject.

The Weasel is very, very sick.

August 2014, Germany

The Weasel’s nose was very, very sick for a long time, so it got big and red like a huge tomato. Now it is all better, after many nasal sprays and tons of paper tissues.

(Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator with Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
Please abide the Copyright rules and do not re-post without my permission)


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