The Fairy-Tale Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle built by Ludwig 2 of Bavaria in Germany

Neuschwanstein, Germany, August 2010

The Neuschwanstein castle was indeed built to look like one from fairy-tales, even if “fitted with the latest technical innovations of the late 19th century”. The castle served as location to several Hollywood movies, and as model for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. But what gives it this fairy-tale allure is not only its shape with slender, tall towers, it is also the whole landscape of breathtaking beauty where the castle is located: the greatness of the Alps contrasting with the flat plateau right near them, the forests and the lakes.


Weasel with Pencils

Weasel with Pencils - the new blog of the Weasel, dedicated to creative stuff

The Weasel decided to make a different blog – “Weasel with Pencils”, about creative stuff. Stuff created by the Weasel or stuff created by others and is inspiring the Weasel. The “Weasel with the cam” will continue to exist as well, as a blog dedicated to photography. The Weasel is very happy and grateful about each and everyone visiting and reading his blogs, any signs of appreciation and comments.

The Acrobat

Plant growing in the rock wall near Prunn in East Bavaria, Germany

Prunn, Germany, August 2014

I’m always fascinated by the tenacity of nature, life itself, struggling and stubborn, making use of any grain it would get. I mean all these little plants that manage to grow on or in the apparently most impossible places to grow, like between tiles of the road, on or from walls of abandoned buildings or the walls of stone from rocks and peaks. And they don’t only manage to set their roots in the rock, and grow, they are thriving, some even managing to break or destroy, bit by bit, the stone. And they look so fragile, with their thin twigs and delicate leafs. The little tiny seeds and plants that manage to overcome the mighty rocks.

From Above

The river Altmühl seen from the hill at the Castle Eggersberg in East Bavaria, Germany

Eggersberg, Germany, August 2014

When traveling by plane I prefer the seat at the window, because I get a perspective over the landscape that it doesn’t usually happen to have. Seeing the world, or at least this or that little piece of it, from above gives me a feeling of tranquility, as I see how beautiful our little planet is. Feeling followed by one of humility, as realizing, one more time, how small and insignificant we are in the large scheme of things, of out Universe.



Geometry in White

Mediaeval architecture: hidden balcony at the Prunn castle in Eastern Bavaria, Germany

Prunn, Germany, July 2014

 I’m always fascinated by such architectural details, like this little balcony, as it seems so random and yet the builder made all possible to serve a need, that that respective room has a balcony or a passage to the other room, to the left. It doesn’t seem possible in the architecture of our days, as everything is or seem to must be symmetric, fit a grid and nothing is allowed to get “out of the line”.

The Concert

Common European blackbird, ouzel, merle, singing on a tree branch in Germany.

Germany, June 2015

One of our neighbors is so kind to us, to come mostly afternoons, in our tree and enchant our ears and hearts with a beautiful free concert. One can only wonder about his rich and diverse repertoire of sounds, whistles and melodies. I even think that the inspiration for some of his whistles were sounds made by machinery (like cars and trains) created by humans.