At the dam

My bike at the barrage on Main-Danube channel in Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany

Kelheim, Germany, June 2012

To paraphrase a famous (and favorite of mine) song, I was standing at the dam on the Main-Danube channel and watching the ships going by. The channel was a big enterprise to build and a serious investment, yet it’s not used as it was supposed to be. Which is actually good, as it turned in a great opportunity for the fauna and the vegetation around and in the water to grow and expand, making the region really beautiful and rich in nature. Then process of how they get giant goods’ and passengers’ (tourists) ship from one side of the dam to the other is just as fascinating to watch.


The Great Tit

Great tit (Parus major) on our balcony in december - Germany

December 2012, Germany

One of the visitors of our balcony, in winter especially, is the Great tit. With their yellow on the chest and belly, they are a spot of color in those gray days. This image is a bit Photoshop-enhanced, but their colors really pop over the tones of gray and brown that dominate the landscape.