The “Earth-People”

Meercat at the Zoo in Dresden, Germany

Dresden, Germany, August 2014

The German word for meerkats or suricates is”Erdmännchen” which would translate as “Earth-people” (or “little-ground-men”, as someone nicely corrected me). I find it suits these little fellows more, as they look to me like little furry people, with pointy noses and whiskers all over the face. I assume they were named so since they stand on their posterior legs, like humans do.

KZ Buchenwald

I am breaking my own rules here and make a post with more than one picture. I was so impressed and moved by this visit at memorial of the concentration camp in Buchenwald, and, in the same time, I think it’s important people post and talk more about this, so here I am making this post.

I didn’t focus on them pictures to be “artistic”, because I find it inappropriate. Here is a link to the Wiki-page, for more infos about the KZ Buchenwald. I have to say that there were a lot of visitors, families with children too, and a lot of young people, which I find it very good. I think everyone should consider it their obligation to go to such a place, one time in their life. They should make it mandatory teaching it in history class, as there are a lot of countries, even in Europe, where this part of history is not talked about. And I think it should be done not to shame someone or to hold them accountable until the end of humanity, but in order to prevent such stuff from happening again. Because it still happened again, since 1945, even in Europe, and it’s still happening in the world, as we speak, even if not in this form and in those dimensions. Yet, people are killed, tortured, put through all sorts of miseries, chased away from their homes and taken all of what they own, only because they are different and/or in the name of some stupid ideology or/and religion.

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…and a lot of Red

Red rose in the Rosengarten in Tiefenau in Germany

Rosengarten, Germany, May 2015

Funny how it happens that I get to post this pic that I took almost exactly last year. It was taken in a little, hidden garden, which should remain secret, as this is one of the things which makes it even more charmer than it is. It’s a little baroque garden, where they grow only roses of different types and colors. It makes me think of “Alice in Wonderland”, or of the Persian “paradise” gardens, from which the name and the word “paradise” derived.