After the rain comes sun

Sunset after the rain in Neu Lubbenau in Spreewald in Germany

Neu Lubbenau, Germany, September 2015

A glorious sunset after a September rain. Hidden between over grown trees and bushes, an old, presumably abandoned house. In September the Nature only starts putting on its autumn-golden dress, so there are myriads of shades and tones to compete with the gray tonalities of the clouds.

Awaiting guests

Empty boat, decorated in red, is awaiting for guests on the river Spree in Spreewald in Germany

Spreewald, Germany, September 2015

The traditional way of traveling in the Spreewald was extended to a way of entertaining tourists and guests. The boats are specially made for this purpose, with wooden benches and tables, so the guests can sit and enjoy a meal or a drink while the boat slides lazily through a fairy-tale-ish landscape, where the streams caved their way through the forests until meeting the river Spree.