In Blossom

Wild camomille flowers on the beach on Bug Peninsula on Island Rügen at the Baltic Sea, in Germany

Bug, Germany, September 2016

For the first time in my life I saw plants – flowers – growing on the beach. They grew between the stones, sand, shells and debris brought by the sea. I guess the dead algae were a great fertilizer. The breeze and the strong wind gusts didn’t seem to bother them at all.

A Local

Snail on a leaf near the beach at Bakenberg on the Island Rügen at the Baltic Sea, in Germany

Bakenberg, Germany, September 2016

They were everywhere. Their shells had all imaginable colors in the world, black, white, shades of yellow, brown, even pink. They were on leaves, on trees, on metal poles, on every place they could stick an not fall. I think that they are the real inhabitants of the Island Rügen. Humans are, as usual, the intruders.

Setting Sun

Setting sun seen from the beach at Backenberg of Wittow Peninsula, on the Rügen Island, at the Baltic Sea in Germany

Rügen, Germany, September 2016

Sun setting takes actually such a short time. In very few minutes that small glowing ball on the sky disappears behind the horizon, as if an invisible finger pushes it down in the sea. The reddish light, yet, stays longer, moves slower, lingers as if it wouldn’t actually want to leave, and clings onto each cloud.