The Alley

Kiosk near the castle in Rothschönberg in Saxony, Germany

Rothschönberg, Germany, March 2015

It’s easy to imagine the alley to the little kiosk, guarded by the tall trees casting the shadow of their rich green crowns. On the other side – the view over the valley with the little village, houses and gardens. Who were those walking on this alley, in the times of glory at the castle Rothschönberg?

Gold in Garden

Flowers in the garden at Kloster Buch in Saxony, Germany

Kloster Buch, Germany, August 2014

In the Middle Ages, monasteries had their own gardens, and I think there were not few the times when in periods of scarcity, the monks or the nuns had their meals assured. Even if today many of those monasteries are ruins and open for visitors, like the monastery in Buch, in Saxony, the administrators of the place still keep and cultivate such gardens, where they grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit-trees.

Double Rainbow, take 2

Double Rainbow in May 2015, in Saxony, Germany

May 2015, Germany

I find Nature a miracle by itself, and that there’s actually not much room for the so-called wonders. I think we still have a lot to discover and to understand about the world surrounding us, and that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to creating tell-tales made up by our limited imagination.

Kunst Haus, the drunk house

KunstHaus in Abensberg, Bavaria in Germany

KunstHaus in Abensberg, Germany, September 2014

Well, it doesn’t mean that in translation, but it seems sort of appropriate,  since right near it is a beer-brewery famous for its tower – a creation of the Austria artist Hundertwasser. KunstHaus is actually a tribute to him and his work, created by one of his pupils, Peter Pelikan. It has the flair of a witches house, and it looks as if the architect recreate a house from a childhood drawing. To me it seems alive, not only organic, but in full movement. I would love a whole town only with houses in this style.