The Huge Wheel of Time

Mill wheel made of wood at the Krabat-Mühle in Saxony, Germany

Krabat-Mühle, Germany, 2015

Seeing the wheels they had back them in the mills, it is understandable how humans came to the myth of the Time or the Fate having such a huge wheel spinning the threads of our lives and history on it. This wheel is part of the mill in Schwarzkollm, a little village in Saxony in Germany. Familiar or not with the fantasy novel by Otfried Preußler – Krabat – and the novel “Die schwarze Mühle“ by Jurij Brězan, this mill is said to be the place where all those described in the books took place. It is now a touristic attraction and there are still works done to develop the place even more.

Structure & Texture

Wooden structure against a red brick wall at the Krabatmühle in Saxony, Germnany

Krabat-Mühle, Germany 2015

There’s something about the human brain that ordered structures appeal to us. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we have so little control over the world around us (as much as we’d like to think the contrary) and everything seems like this big chaos ready to swallow us and our tiny world we create around us.

Black Sky

Two horses grasing after the storm in Neu Lübbenau, Germany

Neu Lübbenau, Germany, September 2015

The two friends, the horses, shared quite a large piece of land with grass. They were happy to see humans, watching them and following every of their movements. Perhaps in the hope that the humans would come closer and feed them some of the many apples fallen on the ground, from the apple-trees surrounding that piece of land. The storm was over, the horses weren’t impressed by the black skies above them.