Featured on Kate Harper Blog

Kate Harper, from Kate Harper Blog,  had this wonderfully generous initiative to feature on her site Christmas cards, and various artists and designers (including yours truly) send their creations for this year’s holidays. My Christmas card got picked for the “Editor Pick 2010” from all those so many beautiful designs created by such talented artists. For those interested, the card can be purchased from Der Kleine Weasel Shop.


Angel Wing – New Card in the Shop

I was reading a couple of weeks ago one someone’s blog an entry about… blogging. They were stating something like, for example, a photographer is busy taking pictures, and doesn’t spend his/her time blogging. Well, blogging today is not only something where people just ramble about stuff, but it became also a powerful tool, so the photographer will still blog a bit. In my case I was busy with many things, among which coming up with new cards for the shop. So, please excuse my absence, I didn’t forget about the Photoweasel 😉

Shop is open!

I’m using this occasion to announce the official opening of  my shop on DaWanda – “Der kleine Weasel Shop“. For now there’s only one item, but hopefully time will allow me to make more stuff and put it up. This is a Christmas card based on an idea given by my wife, and that I drew on computer and then printed it. Well, now I will share virtual champagne glasses and toast for the opening. It’s a long story of how I ended up making it on DaWanda, and I still have so many, many to do in it until it’s really set up, but this will follow soon. Cheers!