Get a closer look

Red flowers in the Botanical Garden in bad Schandau, Saxony, Germany

Bad Schandau Germany, August 2011

One has to literally take a very close look to be able to see the beauty and the delicacy of these little fellows. Or use a macro lens.


Bright White

White flowers in a bush in the Park Naunhof in Saxony, Germany

September 2016, Naunhof, Germany

I found the little flowers and the really tiny buds more interesting that the big ones. It’s difficult to take pictures of bright white flowers, because a lot of detail gets lost due to the brightness. Judging by the different shapes of the flowers, I suppose they are of different sexes. But since my botanical knowledge is rather limited, maybe someone else knows better about this.

Gold in Garden

Flowers in the garden at Kloster Buch in Saxony, Germany

Kloster Buch, Germany, August 2014

In the Middle Ages, monasteries had their own gardens, and I think there were not few the times when in periods of scarcity, the monks or the nuns had their meals assured. Even if today many of those monasteries are ruins and open for visitors, like the monastery in Buch, in Saxony, the administrators of the place still keep and cultivate such gardens, where they grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit-trees.