Get a closer look

Red flowers in the Botanical Garden in bad Schandau, Saxony, Germany

Bad Schandau Germany, August 2011

One has to literally take a very close look to be able to see the beauty and the delicacy of these little fellows. Or use a macro lens.


On Display

Spiderweb covered by dew drops in the Pflanzengarten in Bad Schandau in Germany

September 2011, Bad Schandau, Germany

A spiderweb stretched between tiny blades of grass and young fern-plants displays it’s diamonds collection in the little and magical botanical garden at Bad Schandau.


Pflanzengarten in Bad Schandau, Germany, August 2012

Texture can be also the flowering silver thistle. I like the combination of the lilac – purple reflection and the green – yellowish shades of the background. The Nature is the master painter, they say – it comes up with so many tones and shades, so many beautiful combinations. One can learn a lot about coloring only by walking in a garden, in a summer sunny day. Cloudy or rainy days are good too, because the colors of the flowers seem brighter and droplets of water on delicate petals and leaves are good ingredients for a great picture.

Garden of magic at Bad Schandau

Pflanzengarten, Bad Schandau, Germany, August 2011

On a day with weather reminding me of the one in an equatorial country we decided to adventure to Bad Schandau, to visit the botanical garden there. We’d just found out that this little town close to the Czech border, touristic attraction due to its position between the mountains, famous for the thermal bath and popular among ski fans, well, it also has a botanical garden. It was a little adventure to find it, since its presence it’s signaled only by 2-3 little street signs and it’s sort of camouflaged. Only after we drove 2 times past it and asked some people on the street about it we saw it.

The garden lays actually on the steep of a hill, not far from the main road. It can be seen from the main road, actually, but only if you know that what seems like a green pasture is in reality the garden. Surrounded by a simple fence only at the street side, the garden lays on over 400 sqm and one can find there plants from the region and from all over the road. The rusted simple gate at the entrance, the miniature pond, the narrow alleys winding upwards around the hill, the old garden chairs spread here and there, the old building of gray stone with a solar clock painted on it, the colored butterflies and the sound of bees and wasps give it a magical allure. A world of fairies, elves and witches at only 50 meters from the main road. And the colors of the blooming flowers, there are no words to describe their beauty and splendor.  For a little sample, check the other images in the Weasel’s Flickr page.