Winterscape in Hermsdof – take 2

Frozen lake in the park near Hermsdorf castle in Saxony, Germany

Hermsdorf, Germany, January 2017

The silence of the Icy Forest

Moritzburg, Germany, January 2011

While not so dramatic like in Australia, there were floods here too, as I mentioned in a previous post. The waters have retreated, but the ground it’s still so saturated, that even in the forests, the tree roots are sunk into little lakes. Being winter, most of these ponds froze, capturing in them whatever was on the ground: branches, leafs, and such. They lay still, reflecting the trees covered by frost, and resembling gates to an underworld, with all those objects floating right under the surface of the water. One would expect the branches emerging from the ice to strech out like monstrous hands, grab him by the ankles and try to sink them in the black waters of these ponds.