MX Altzella

Altzella, Germany, August 2011

MX stands for “Multiple Exposure”, which means basically that you expose a photo film two or more times, the end result being a photograph composed of two or more images. My new toy, La Sardina, allows me this, thus giving me endless room for experimenting. Of course, not every try comes out well, but some results are absolutely surprisingly beautiful and expressive. Personally, I enjoy letting the unpredictable to play a bit of a part in the whole process. The risk and the surprise at the end are worth.

This image was taken at Altzella, the ruins of a Middle-Ages monastery turned into a park filled with tall, old trees growing between walls darkened by time. The place reminds more of an ancient forest,  the sun rays barely getting through the tree-crowns. As if intended, on the other shore of the little spring crossing the park begins an open space, a wide field, a wave of light contrasting to the darkness in the forest. On the right side of the field there are a small garden and an orchard where grow the same trees and plants the monks of the monastery used to  grow.

Although there are organized events quite often, and many go there even only for a walk in a Sunday afternoon, the place maintains an atmosphere of serenity, fairy-tale and history. To sneak a peek, here are more pictures I took there.