In the Green

Bad Schandau, Germany, August 2011

In the hot summer days, a little retreat in shadow, the soft moss makes the ground look like covered in velvet, inviting you to lay down and day-dream.


Gold in Garden

Flowers in the garden at Kloster Buch in Saxony, Germany

Kloster Buch, Germany, August 2014

In the Middle Ages, monasteries had their own gardens, and I think there were not few the times when in periods of scarcity, the monks or the nuns had their meals assured. Even if today many of those monasteries are ruins and open for visitors, like the monastery in Buch, in Saxony, the administrators of the place still keep and cultivate such gardens, where they grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit-trees.

Full spectrum

Red flower in the garden at the monastery in Altzella in Germany

Altzella, Germany, July 2014

I have no idea what flower this is, but the soft transfer from the black rims and vines to the brilliant red surely captured my attention. Yes, it’s the photographer who takes a photograph, but it’s the nature perfectly combining hues and tones of colors. One only has to spot it and capture it.