An Army of Giants

Trees in the forest of Tharandterwald in Saxony, Germany

Tharandterwald, Germany, January 2017

They stand tall and straight, in order, like an army of giants under a spell cast by a witch in times long, long before us: the pine-trees.


The Hut in the Woods

Wooden schack between pine trees in the forest in Tharandterwald in Saxony, Germany

Tharandterwald in Saxony, Germany, November 2016

We found it, the witches’ hut in the woods, hidden between the tall, straight-like-pillars pine trees. We didn’t dare to try if the roof was made of gingerbread. We just took some pics and went on.

Structure & Texture

Wooden structure against a red brick wall at the Krabatm├╝hle in Saxony, Germnany

Krabat-M├╝hle, Germany 2015

There’s something about the human brain that ordered structures appeal to us. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we have so little control over the world around us (as much as we’d like to think the contrary) and everything seems like this big chaos ready to swallow us and our tiny world we create around us.

After the rain comes sun

Sunset after the rain in Neu Lubbenau in Spreewald in Germany

Neu Lubbenau, Germany, September 2015

A glorious sunset after a September rain. Hidden between over grown trees and bushes, an old, presumably abandoned house. In September the Nature only starts putting on its autumn-golden dress, so there are myriads of shades and tones to compete with the gray tonalities of the clouds.