Crossroads in Dresden Germany - 31.11.2011

Dresden, Germany, October 2011

Finally decided to make an archive of my many thousands of pictures on my computer. So, you can imagine the Weasel busy scattering in old files, whiskers covered in virtual dust, from time to time dragging out, with a mine of victory on the face, some “treasures”, prepping them up in Photoshop an posting them.

This out of focus and against the light picture caught my eye and got me thinking that can make something out of it, cause it’s so atmospheric, blurry and yet still has a lot to tell.


The “Earth-People”

Meercat at the Zoo in Dresden, Germany

Dresden, Germany, August 2014

The German word for meerkats or suricates is”Erdmännchen” which would translate as “Earth-people” (or “little-ground-men”, as someone nicely corrected me). I find it suits these little fellows more, as they look to me like little furry people, with pointy noses and whiskers all over the face. I assume they were named so since they stand on their posterior legs, like humans do.