The Passage

Filtered light cast on a way through the trees in the forest at Tharandt in Saxony, Germany

Tharandt, Germany, January 2017

Step into the light!


Magic Light

Filtered light throught the trees in the forest in Tharandt, Saxony, Germany

Tharandt, Germany, January 2017

One of the best lights for taking pictures is in frozen cold, but sunny winter days. In such days, with clear blue skies, yet loads of snow laying on the ground, the real beauty of winter, in all its splendor is revealed. All the usual shades of brownish and grey reveal that they are actually composed of myriad of other tones, from yellow to violet, only waiting for the gentle sun rays to put them in a better light.

The Crows

Crows on the field near Nünchritz in Germany, December 2014

Nünchritz, Germany, December 2014

In the afternoon, the crows found a field filled with rests from the crops. They had a plentiful dinner and it did them good, having to face a cold winter night. It was a large group covering a part of the field. At a certain point they would all rise, like following a command, to move, minutes later, on a different part of the field.