Crossroads in Dresden Germany - 31.11.2011

Dresden, Germany, October 2011

Finally decided to make an archive of my many thousands of pictures on my computer. So, you can imagine the Weasel busy scattering in old files, whiskers covered in virtual dust, from time to time dragging out, with a mine of victory on the face, some “treasures”, prepping them up in Photoshop an posting them.

This out of focus and against the light picture caught my eye and got me thinking that can make something out of it, cause it’s so atmospheric, blurry and yet still has a lot to tell.


Urban Geometry: Muted Greens

Kelheim Germany, July 2012

Rooftops create interesting shapes and geometries. There’s some sort of unspoken rule of order in the chaos of a town where several hundred year old houses mix with 1970’s typical family-house architecture.

Urban Geometry: Green and Yellow



April 2012, Germany

In the old part of German towns, built in the Middle Ages, one can find the most amazing architecture details. Especially if big parts on the said towns have been recently renovated: than you have a wonderful urban landscape of narrow streets and colored lines of houses. There is some sort of orderly chaos, created by repetitions and all sorts of contrasts between big and small, narrow and wide, straight and curved, and modern and old. A source of infinite possibilities to create photographical compositions.


Dresden, Germany, Oktober 2011

I love cats and I love graffiti. I love silhouettes, especially of cats. I think graffiti is not a form of vandalism, but a type of art. Excluding the “marking of territory” type of graffiti, of course. I don’t think that many of those creating graffiti have any sort of art education, but it’s this very deep and almost unstoppable impulse of being creative that has to emerge and put into reality. It makes me think that humans have it in their genes this sort of urge to be creative in some way or another, even if the majority never make even a hobby out of it.