Happy New Year !

All the best and a happy, healthy and wonderful year for 2016!


Summer of the Muskrats

Illustration of a Muskrat sitting on a beach chair, drinking a cocktail and wearing a sun hat.Germany, September 2014

In the hot days of summer, the muskrats retreat on the shore of their little pond, lay on beach chairs, drink cold cocktails and protect themselves from the sun by wearing little sombreros.

 (Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator with Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
Please abide the Copyright rules and do not re-post without my permission)

The Weasel is very, very sick!

The Weasel is very, very sick.

August 2014, Germany

The Weasel’s nose was very, very sick for a long time, so it got big and red like a huge tomato. Now it is all better, after many nasal sprays and tons of paper tissues.

(Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator with Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
Please abide the Copyright rules and do not re-post without my permission)

Pendants DYI

Two lockets self made by the Weasel as a birthday present.

Germany 2013

What could be nicer as a present than something with a very personal connotation, the Weasel thought to himself. The paws got busy – et voila! In a few hours it was all done and perfect. The pendants are from the craft store. The plastic transparent sheet was cut from a bigger foil I got long time ago, again from the craft store, for a different project. It took longer to make the drawings and tweaking the pic in Photoshop. I didn’t even use glue. Easy and fun thing to do for a weasel.

Birthday Card DIY

Germany, October 2012

The Weasel had a mission: the birthday pressies had to be packed nicely. The Weasel accomplished its mission, up to one point: the nicely packed pressies missed something to make it all perfect. A birthday-card. Since there was not much time left, the Weasel had to act quick. Also, a brilliant idea didn’t let itself waited long for. The Weasel looked around and found a nice kitty picture and piece of white cardboard. The rest was easy cake: cutting, typing, printing and gluing – all in a matter of minutes. Voila, it’s all done! A personalized birthday-card with the birthday pressies. The cakes and the champagne were wonderful and the Weasel enjoyed them.

1st of March 2012

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Last year I made an entry about the 1st of March and the tradition around it. I won’t repeat the whole story. This year the Weasel made again something for this occasion. Inspired by this tutorial from Elsa Mora’s blog, the Weasel went to the store and bought modelling clay and paint, and searched through his treasure box and found there French beads, a piece of felt, golden ribbons and golden dust. The motive, a snowdrop and a butterfly, is a usual spring theme used usually on these little brooches.  Since finding an acceptable red-white thread here is quite a challenge, the Weasel let tradition a bit aside and went for purple and gold. The success was just as great.

A Simple Idea With Great Effects

The Weasel had this earrings set to give as a Christmas gift, but it came on this dull white square of card-stock. Boring! So, if this year it was owl-themed, why not make a simple owl display for the earrings? The Weasel took a piece of orange colored paper and drew an owl, with black ink. Cut the owl, and tada!, the display is ready. Just punch some holes and put the earrings. The drawing skills don’t even have to be spectacular. Yet, the effect is.