I am a weasel with passion for photography, hence the name. I also like to keep my paws busy and create stuff. My favorite is to make paper cuts – Scheerenschnitte – using my claws and an X-acto knife. And this is my blog where I’m posting some of the photographs I take, but I am not limiting it at being only a photography blog. There will be links to nice stuff I find on the internet, and I won’t miss the chance to brag about what I’d draw, design or create.

Wishing you a pleasant viewing of my blog,

The Weasel

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. I took a graphic art class once, and the professor tried to teach me how to use a X-acto knife to make paper cuts. But then, he decided I was just too dangerous. I couldn’t get the angle down right and kept cutting my fingers. So I gave up, and the professor was relieved. Now I make my paper cuts with the computer, using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. Safer that way!

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