The Alley

Kiosk near the castle in Rothschönberg in Saxony, Germany

Rothschönberg, Germany, March 2015

It’s easy to imagine the alley to the little kiosk, guarded by the tall trees casting the shadow of their rich green crowns. On the other side – the view over the valley with the little village, houses and gardens. Who were those walking on this alley, in the times of glory at the castle Rothschönberg?


7 thoughts on “The Alley

  1. Goodness, that was quick! I hardly had the chance to upload before you liked my post on
    Thank you very much, hope the brush sources are of good use to you!

  2. Hello dear Weasel, thank you for passing by.. noticed somewhere on your blog you have a picture of the SpreeWald, but i cant find it again.. my mother spent some time there and thinks it was a wonderful place because of all the waterways .. a great place for a Weasel

    She spent time in Berlin too and along the north coast of Germany and very fond of a place called Insel Pearl. She gets excited about watching Storksin their nests around this area in the spring and watches the baby storks hatching thru a Stork cam.

    1. Thank you. I have several posts featuring pictures taken in the Spreewald. That place is so eerie, like in a fairy-tale.

      Glad that you mother enjoyed the time in Germany. Here people like storks, and they protect them. There are many places where you can see them nest. There’s even a so called storck-village, in Brandenburg, not far from Berlin. There are stork nests on almost every house.

      1. Will let my mum know. Her parents are from elsewhere but she was brought up there and her half brother lives there. Lovely to know about the stork village.

        We were brought up with lots of fairy tales .. but ones like Struwwelpeter gave me nghtmares. Think the fairytale Der Erlkönig is very sad

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