With The Boat Through The Fairy-Tales Land

With the boat on the Spree channels in the village of Lehde, in Spreewald, Brandenburg, Germany

Spreewald, Germany, September 2015

Between the town Cottbus and the city of Berlin, the river Spree seems to have wanted to take over the land, and it spread numerous arms – springs and channels – and the Nature rushed in, as vegetation, trees and plants of all sorts, took advantage and set their roots in the sandy, yet rich in water soil. They all created a world of mystery and magic, like a mirror room, a forest growing along all the channels and arms and on the islands between them, the Spreewald.

Later on came the humans and built their villages, with houses along these channels and on these islands between the arms of the Spree. Until not long, in many of those villages, the access and the transportation between the houses and to the rest of the world, as well as the mail and such was done only on water, by boat. In our days, there’s only on such village left, which was kept so more for touristic purposes.

The magic and mysterious world of reflections, shadows and games of light, inspired the humans to create many mythical figures living in the forest, legends and fairy-tales. One doesn’t even have to have heard them all stories, sitting in a boat gliding over the still waters, while listening through the sounds of birds hidden in the trees and to the wind through the leafs, brings up your own fairy-tales in your imagination.


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