The “Earth-People”

Meercat at the Zoo in Dresden, Germany

Dresden, Germany, August 2014

The German word for meerkats or suricates is”Erdmännchen” which would translate as “Earth-people” (or “little-ground-men”, as someone nicely corrected me). I find it suits these little fellows more, as they look to me like little furry people, with pointy noses and whiskers all over the face. I assume they were named so since they stand on their posterior legs, like humans do.


4 thoughts on “The “Earth-People”

  1. Hi, I’m afraid you misheard the German name of these funny animals. Even it sounds very much alike, its “Erdmännchen” (erdmenken I would pronounce it with a very guttural k) and translates to “little ground men”. – No harm done, however, I just wanted to mention it for completeness sake :-).
    You are right however that the name originates from their upright poise. Also a dog, standing on its hind legs “macht Männchen” – makes a little man.

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