The Weasel is very, very sick!

The Weasel is very, very sick.

August 2014, Germany

The Weasel’s nose was very, very sick for a long time, so it got big and red like a huge tomato. Now it is all better, after many nasal sprays and tons of paper tissues.

(Illustration done in Adobe Illustrator with Bamboo Wacom Tablet.
Please abide the Copyright rules and do not re-post without my permission)


4 thoughts on “The Weasel is very, very sick!

  1. Very sorry to hear you’ve been ill! Hope you are back to great health now. So much easier to enjoy wandering with your camera when you’re not feeling terrible. I enjoy your photos very much and am mightily impressed at the dexterity (and good visual sense) of a weasel with a camera!

    1. Thank you very much. You are absolutely right, it’s no fun wandering around while sick, and such a big nose get’s always in the way when trying to focus the camera and capture some beautiful view. But now the Weasel is in a very good health and can run around and take pictures.

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