One moment, one picture

Female Black redstart - Phoenicurus ochruros - sitting on a dead root at Altzella in Germany

Altzella, Germany, July 2014

The beauty of the garden in Altzella got the Weasel to take his camera and go there this year too, to take pictures. As the Weasel was going through one of those arches covered by climbing plants in order to get from one part of the garden to the other, this little black redstart flew away startled. The she sat on the root of a dead tree. The Weasel couldn’t miss this opportunity and took the camera and shot. As he wanted to take more pictures of this little fella, he realized that the memory card was full. While the Weasel was busy changing the card, the black redstart flew away, too fast for the Weasel to be able to take at least a second shot.


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