Colors: violet and green

Mai 2014, Tiefenau Germany

It is a flower made of many tiny flowers, like everything in this world, actually, created of million of infinitesimal parts which we, with the bare eye, don’t see. We see only the colors, a nice combination of violet and green. And even the colors we see are mere illusions, since we depend on how this machine – combination between eye and brain – is built. Humans have receptors for only 3 different colors. There are some sea creatures that have for 8 colors. I wish I could, for one day, be able to see the world and its colors through their eyes.


2 thoughts on “Colors: violet and green

  1. Thanks for your post. I didn’t know that some sea creatures have receptors for 8 colours (oh dear, although I wrote many books about colour theory).
    I suppose the number of receptors for different colours are not that important, what matters more is the kind of calculation in our brain that produces the information colour.
    “Seeing” colour has much to do with our consciousness as we see following concepts. If you want to see in another way you have to change your consciousness.
    I like your photograph! 🙂
    Have a happy weekend 🙂
    All the best
    Klausbernd 🙂 and his chirpy Bookfayries Siri 🙂 and Selma 🙂
    By the way, we blog about colours sometimes as well.

    1. Ty for the comment.

      Yes, there are some type of crabs and I guess they need so many receptors because they live on the bottom of the sea and there’s rather dark, so they can see details. I suppose.

      Of course, a big part of how we see is due to the way our brains process the information received, but I think it would be interesting to be able to see in the ultra-violet spectrum too, for example.

      I will look up your posts about color. Have a great weekend too. 🙂

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