Germany, Essing, June 2012

Since I’m a weasel I don’t care much about technical stuff, tricks and gadgets, when comes to photography, I just grab the cam in my paws and shoot away. But one rule, and advice, I would give anyone willing to take advices from a weasel, is “Know thy camera“. Even a simple modern point-and-shoot camera can offer a whole range of possibilities and options, as long as you know it’s settings and what each of them can do. Once you know them, you can go ahead and play  around with them. The Weasel felt the need to experiment and played around with the settings of the camera, choosing for example, interior light when was shooting outside, in a sunny day. The result: this vibrant red and the crisp contrast with the background texture, background that got a blue-ish/green-ish tint.  No, that’s no Photoshop trick, it just came out so. Since weasels are playful creatures, at least this one is, I’m looking forward to playing and messing around with the camera settings for new experiments.


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