Weasel’s Diary 01

Weasel’s Diary, Germany, 2012

One day the Weasel saw that the sky was so plain, so even, just an endless, boring stripe above our heads. So the Weasel had an idea; the Weasel went to the shop and got these stars. Then went to another shop and asked for the tallest ladder they can have. They gave him the tallest ladder they had, the Weasel climbed it, but it barely reached the roof level of the house. So the Weasel took a hammer and a saw and some wood and made the ladder longer.This time it reached until the top of the trees. The Weasel got busy again and adjusted the ladder. This time would reach the top of the sky-scrapers. With a bit more adjustments, the ladder was now just perfect: the Weasel could reach the firmament. Using glue, the Weasel glued, one by one, the stars on the blue stripe of the sky. He got off the ladder and looked pleased at the result. During the night the stars were glowing dimly and now the sky wasn’t plain and boring anymore.


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