Abstract in Diesbar-Seußlitz

Diesbar-Seußlitz, Germany, March 2012

Spring decided to finally show itself here too. And, how she does it! With clear blue skies, sun and temperatures over 20 Celsius. We’re really spoiled here. With such glorious weather in the last few days, the Weasel couldn’t stay inside the weasel-home, he had to take the cam and go out and explore! One evening we went to Diesbar-Seußlitz. Placed in what is called “Toscany on the Elbe”, there is a former little castle, now used as a hall for weddings mostly, a little hunting hut on a top of a hill and a garden – a miniature reminding of the splendor of the gardens around the villas of old patricians in Italy.

From all the pictures of statues of angels in the garden and architectural details of the 18th century, on the villa, the Weasel chose this simple, abstract one, because of the contrast between the straight lines constructing a simple, yet very well defined geometry, and the organic chaos  of the ivy branches.


4 thoughts on “Abstract in Diesbar-Seußlitz

  1. The colors are also lovely. The ivy’s gold (because of the sunlight) against the blue and brown of the wall is a thing of beauty!

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