The Lighthouse

Moritzburg, Germany, February 2012

At Moritzburg is a complex built at the order of probably the most important ruler of Saxony, Augustus the Strong. Back then royalties and noblemen (and noblewomen) knew how to make it nice for themselves. So, there was not only built a castle in the middle of a lake, surrounded by a park and forest. No, they also built a hunting (not haunting) castle (well, don’t imagine that there’s something really big, but it’s still called a castle), surrounded again by a park and forest, near a little lake too. The little castle and the park are built in such a manner that when standing in front of the house, one has a clear view over the main castle, the one in the middle of the lake.

Getting back at the hunting castle, or rather lodge, and the lake near which is built, there is also a little light house built, at the end of a small promenade that goes a few meters in the lake. The lighthouse is not very tall, but fits to the place. It is painted in this nice reddish – pinkish color. Unfortunately, it is not open for the visits (probably would fit only 5 people at once, the most).


4 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your comment. As another anecdote, the main castle in Moritzburg was built by Augustus the Strong to keep there one of his mistresses (as a hostage, apparently).

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