An Owl, again

Germany, January 2012

In all this time since the last post the Weasel didn’t just disappear, but been busy with stuff. Some of it will show up here too. The Weasel won’t miss the opportunity to brag about it. The Weasel got its paws busy with some watercolor pencils and this little owl drawing is the result. Yeah, lately, the Weasel has been approaching more traditional arts, but this can only help in developing the photographic and, in general, design skills. I always believed that things come into one’s life when he or she are ready for them, when he or she are ripe enough. I had these watercolor/wax crayon for quite a while sitting in some drawer, but only now I discovered how much fun i have experimenting with the lines and textures they can create. It’s like partly playing, partly experimenting, and partly trying to control the result,  because a big portion of this process is at the fate’s mercy, sort of speaking.


4 thoughts on “An Owl, again

  1. Love the owl’s face shape it reminds me of a heart and the same time of half an apple. And I like the background colours too. Looking forward to seeing more of these new “creations”.

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