DIY Owl Scarf

The Weasel was very busy this Christmas, not only with nicely gift wrapping, but also with making some special presents. One of them was this scarf imprinted with… owls! How did it come up to this? Well, while searching through the shops for some nice Christmas presents, the Weasel saw this scarf imprinted with squirrel silhouettes. Squirrels were also nice, but there were 2 big ‘buts’: first – owls would have fit better the taste of the receiver, and second – the color, which wouldn’t have fit to what the receiver is usually wearing. So the Weasel thought: ‘Will make a scarf of my own, it will be something really special’.

It didn’t take long until the Weasel found a nice, in only one color scarf. Then, got some nice textile to fit it and ran home to create the design for it, i.e. the owl template.Β  After creating it, the Weasel printed the template on a card stock piece, which it proved later to be not such a good idea. Then it put the scarf on an even surface, placed the template on it and spread the paint with the brush. Spreading the paint with the brush can give the best results, but it is a tedious work, so the Weasel’s advice is to try with a brayer or something similar, like a small paint roller.

Using card-stock for the template wasn’t the best solution, as said, not because it would get wet and tear apart. If the paint is used at it is, without adding water, such accidents shouldn’t occur. The problem is that the paint that remains on the template dries, and if you have small shapes (like the owl’s ‘feathers’, or the eyes, in this case) they get clogged and then the printed image doesn’t look anymore like it’s supposed to. Because time was short, the Weasel cut the template again in a plastic foil (such used as files divider). With these foils the problem is that they are elastic and they tend to stretch while cutting them, but with a bit of patience and focus, it can be done.

Anyway, the scarf was very appreciated by its receiver, and gets many compliments when shown around. And the Weasel is looking forward to make more of them, with different designs.


6 thoughts on “DIY Owl Scarf

  1. This scarf looks great!
    Have you tried using freezer paper for your stencils? You iron it onto your fabric, and it allows you to get all your little detailed shapes painted without the mess. And you can peel it off and use it a couple times too.

    1. I think it is better if you use special paint for textiles, so you are sure that your patterns won’t be destroyed when you wash the scarf. What color and what brand, that’s for you to choose. πŸ˜€

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