Russian Church in Dresden

Dresden, Germany, October 2011

It’s been a while since the last photograph posted here, but with Christmas and all, the Weasel was busy more with other creative stuff.

So – the Russian church in Dresden is located near the University (TU Dresden), right near it being a small park. On the outside it looks very impressive, although it’s not so big. It has these wonderful blue blue domes with golden crosses on their top. Its whole architecture makes it look like a piece of jewelry, with its arches and intricate details resembling strips of lace. On the inside it seems rather small, but the walls are covered in these murals typical to Orthodox churches, frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible and from the life of different saints. The light is cast through greenish colored windows creating an atmosphere of aerie and mystic.

What fascinated me the most are the blue domes, so, of course, I took a lot of pictures of them. Not long ago I played a bit in Photoshop with one of those images, and felt like giving it a poster-like look. (The print version can be seen here)


2 thoughts on “Russian Church in Dresden

  1. Like the picture, but at the same time it reminds me of dozens of churches here in Russia that are almost ruins as noone cares about the buildings and they are not used. Sad

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