It’s The Time To Get Creative (2)

In the first part I started showing a bit (well, bragging about) of what kept the Weasel busy around this Christmas. The Weasel made some DIY presents, and had so many gifts to wrap, that it forgot to even take pictures of some of those nice wrappings. But there’s still something to show and brag about.

I had to wrap this easel, which was more than one meter long. Fortunately, it still had the original box in which it came, so it made things a lot easier. This Christmas I was fixated on brown paper. I find it wonderful, because of the rough texture, the organic color, and most of all, because it allows a lot of creative freedom. It is cheap and so humble, yet one can make really cool stuff out of it and can fit almost any color to it. So, brown packing paper.

Then, pages from an old book (which was otherwise meant to land in the paper recycling bean) with big pictures, big mono-colored areas in the images and pages of good quality, thick, shiny paper. Perfect for the cut outs. From it I cut the reindeer, which silhouette I copied from an arts & crafts book. From the pages with text I cut out the big “K” and used it instead of a gift tag, since the name of the person to whom this gift was meant started with… guess what letter? Yep, K.

The Weasel had somewhere stashed some pieces left from  a golden wrapping paper, and used them to cut out some stars with the hole punch. So, 6 reindeer silhouettes, a lot of golden stars and plane rope later, this is how the easel ended up wrapped like. And, since the Weasel is very careful with the resources, the piece of golden paper left after cutting out the stars was used at the wrapping a different present.

For this wrapping the Weasel used brown packing paper, again, a strip of wrapping paper (around 15 cm wide), and a smaller strip of paper cut from an old magazine from a part with text over the wider strip. Some red thread, the silhouette of a tea pot cut out from an image from the said old book, the rest of golden paper, and that was it! The receiver found it really nice as well.


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