The Story of the Christmas Owl

The story of the Christmas owl starts like this:

One day the Weasel was in IKEA and went to its favorite place there: the basket where they gather the textile rests, which one can buy for only 1 Euro a piece – a real treasure chest for a Weasel looking forward to new creative ideas and projects. This time the Weasel found this really nice black with white imprints piece of fabric. “Hmmm… this would make a perfect little owl,” said the Weasel to himself. “An owl to give for Christmas as a present”. And the Weasel took the precious found and rushed home with it.

On the way home the Weasel found a piece of yellow felt, which was also on sale. “This piece is perfect to make the eyes of my Christmas Owl out of it,” said the Weasel and grabbed the piece before anyone else could take it, and leave the owl without the magnificent yellow eyes. Once at home, the Weasel searched assiduously on the Internet and hit gold! No, not gold, but a printable pattern for the Christmas Owl. The Weasel downloaded it from this site and followed the instructions.

The Weasel cut the shape of the owl, the shape of the wings, the yellow eyes and the black pupils; at the pupils he paid special attention so they would look more realistic. Then, he sewed everything together, on the inside out. And this is how the Christmas Owl came to existance.

But this wasn’t all. The Weasel asked the Christmas Owl to get inside an envelope and wait patiently there until, well, Christmas. When the Owl learned that it will be a present for someone who loves owls very, very much, it complied.

When the Christmas came, someone, who loves owls very, very much, picked up a brown paper envelope which was under the Christmas tree. And when the envelope was open the Christmas Owl came out and jumped into the arms of its new owner.


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