In the Middle

November 2011, Germany

Almost all photographers will always advise to follow the rule of thirds, when taking a picture, and not to place the subject in the middle of your composition. But rules are made to be broken, they say. Sometimes one achieves a nice effect by placing their subject in the middle of the composition. I like, in this image, how the tall silhouette of the plant seems to divide the surface in two: the dark and the light/bright part. I also like the bokeh effect and the contrasts.


3 thoughts on “In the Middle

    1. Thanks. Guess it’s made such a big thing out of such rules because it makes or seems to make taking photographs an easier process.

      Your photographs are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I think you’ve hit on it: rules can, especially in the beginning, make a process easier or make it easier to get a better result early-on.

        Thanks for your kind comments.

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