Serenity and gravestones at St. Pauli

St. Pauli, Dresden, Germany, September 2011

St. Pauli is one of the biggest graveyards in Dresden, and dates from the end of the 19th century. That’s why is filled with old graves of members of the Dresden’s and not only middle and upper class. There are beautiful gravestones, statues and monuments, under the influence of different artistic currents, from neo-classicism to Art Nouveau. In the picture above there was this wall made of stone near which sits this woman like she’s waiting for the loved one to return, even if she knows there is no return. The cemetery is not a plateau filled with crosses and such, but resembles rather park-forest, with pine trees, pine trees that filter the sunlight with their branches. Although the shadows seem rather harsh, I love the textures they created on the stone, adding a sensation of a lot of movement in the serene atmosphere around the woman’s presence. A couple of other pics taken there can be seen in the Weasel’s blog.


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