Weesenstein Castle – Take 1

Weesenstein, Germany, June 2011

 Couple of weekends ago we went at the Weesenstein Castle, an over 700 years old castle in Saxony. It’s built on a ledge over the Müglitz spring, guarding very majestic over the road and the little village around it. I visited the place before, once, but during winter and couldn’t enjoy the real beauty of it. Because the castle, like the castle, but behind it there’s this wonderful, with a touch of magic, little Baroque garden, with roses, trees and many beautiful flowers.

When we went there is was a day with a very “moody” weather, 5 minutes of very strong rain, then 10 minutes of sunshine. But this made the sky look absolutely fantastic, and while the rain was “cleaning” the colors, the sun rays made them appear more vibrant and saturated. This is how I got this wonderful contrast between the color of the castle’s walls and the dark background of the sky.

We didn’t visit the museum inside the castle, but we walked through it’s narrow lanes, where you can see clearly how parts of the castle were built right on the mountain rock. We stopped at one of the two restaurants of the castle, which is more like a brewery, which, yes, produces it’s own beer and serves typical medieval meals.


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