Birthday Vase

Germany, June 2011

As my wife’s birthday was coming up soon, and I didn’t have yet any plans about something self-made as a pressie for her, I saw it as a blessing to stumble upon this brilliant idea from the Sweet Paul Magazine, Summer 2011 edition. So, I bought this vase from IKEA, as it has to be one that would allow sticking decoupage on it and, in the same time, look good. Then I printed and cut some wonderful humming birds drawings I found on the amazing BibliOdyssey blog. As I didn’t have glue spray I used special glue used for napkin decoupage, which I spread not only on the paper parts, but over the whole vase, making it look like some sort of a special finish of the glass. It was a real success, as now I have to make another one, as someone else wished such a vase for their birthday too. We still didn’t use it, since we want to buy some special varnish that would protect the paper from water.

(Click on the picture to enlarge)


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