The Biology Lesson (1)

Oberlausitz, Germany, April 2011

In the first day of our stay in Lusatia, for Easter, we booked a guide to show us around the place. There is a wildlife reservation, and for those interested in animals, there’s what to see. Our guide was a small lady, who brought her 2 children along, and had no hesitation to catch frogs, snakes and bugs to show us. She had also a lot to tell, but since we were accompanied by half of dozen children, it was difficult to follow.

The little fellow in the picture was sitting at the side of a field, charging his batteries in the sun, until he got the shock of his life, namely being caught by this giant and showed around to the other giants – the humans – who were staring at him. I think the worse was for him when the childern took him and passed him around. But things ended well, for our brave little fellow: when we got bored of staring at him, he was placed carefully where he was found. So, if the stork didn’t catch him, he’s still near that field, calling every night loudly for lady-frogs.


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