Easter Project

Easter, April 2011, Germany

I didn’t have mucht time for wrapping this year’s Easter presents, so I did what I like the most to do: improvize. I printed, on A4 paper, these nice patterns from Kellie Medivitz’s website and started cutting. I got inspired by some cards I saw on another craft blog, with silhouettes cut in black paper and glued on card stock paper. I remembered that I had somewhere these nice card stock pieces I bought once by mistake, thinking it’s paper for greeting cards. I liked their long, slim shape and the nice edges. I cut the bunnies and the eggs, glued on the cards, and with a butterfly hole puncher made the hole for the ribbon. I cut then the rest of the page, each paper 2 long strips, glued them and wrapped the presents in them. From the remaining strip, the shorter one, from the part where I cut the bunny and the egg on each paper, I made the little bags. I folded the strip in three, and used double-sided duct tape to glue the folded parts. I cut butterflies shapes with the puncher and glued them on the bags. I wrapped the ribbons around the presents, over the paper strips, attached the cards and glued the little bags over the ribbons. Done!

(Click on the picture to enlarge it.)


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