The Tongue-poking Bison

Damerow, Germany, April 2011

Waren (Müritz) is situated in the Northern part of Germany, on the way to Rostock. It’s a really beautiful region, with many, many lakes. In fact, it doesn’t matter which direction you turn around, you will definitelly see a lake, whether is the size of a little pond or it’s so huge you cannot see its opposite shore. On the shore of a lake there is also the European bisons reservation at Damerow. Most of the European bisons have been extinct for few hundred years already, left are only such little reservations.

The bisons are partly wild, partly not, since they are still fed by humans, in a special arranged feeding place. We had the luck to arrive exactly at the feeding time, so we didn’t have to go in search for them. They resemble some big, furry cows, but they are musclier and really majestic. Sure wouldn’t want to be face to face with one in the wild.

Why this guy was poking the tongue, I don’t know. Maybe he was cleaning his mouth of food, or was poking his tongue at the other bison that pushed him away from the feeding place or at this crazy uman with nothing better to do than take photographs at him… I have no idea. But to have to say that back then I didn’t notice it, I saw that he had the tongue out only at home, when I was looking at the shots I did. This is one of the happy accidents I get to experience from time to time when photographing, which makes me think that it is more important that I’m taking the pictures, since some times there’s no place for thinking about compositions and such. Some times is good to just let the arbitrary play its role. Because, who knows, maybe youdiscover later that your subject, otherwise a big creature from which is better to keep distance, is poking his tongue at you.


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