An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

Germany, April 2011

When I read this DIY tutorial on Poppytalk Handmade blog I couldn’t resist not to try it for myself too. I’m a sucker for such brilliant ideas, very simple to make, yet with such cool results. Since it’s a very sunny, warm and with a bit of breeze day here, I took advantage of it and got myself busy. We have some textile paint, and I also had this bag made of cloth, especially for printing something on it. I didn’t have the sponge pad, so I spread the paint over the apple halfs using normal brushes. The patterns didn’t come up perfect, the parts which were not completely covered by paint I painted them myself, yet I still left on purpose some empty parts. It gives a grungy – self-made-stuff feeling, which I love. One of the sides I made with yellow apples, the other with green. The leavs I painted by hand, as well as the stems at the green apples. Wonder what other fruits would work well for this.


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