Sniffing Fence

Waren (Müritz), Germany, April 2011

Few days ago I discovered this awesome series of articles about How to become a self-made graphic-designer” which seemed to be exactly what I needed to (re)motivate myself. As a self-taught graphic-designer, of course it spoke to me, and I was surprised to see how many are in my situation and felt the same. We always need reassurance, we always need from time to time to be shown again the direction we want to take, but sometimes we lose sight of. The article is also full of awesome ressources, so yeah, even if you don’t want to turn your passion for  webdesign into a business, it’s still a great find.

There are not in all places schools and similar for web/graphic-design, maybe the usual school of “belle-artes” and that’s all. How can one then break through in a place that such exists and the norm is that if you want to work in this job, you have to have been to such an institute? And, actually, how much more does it anyone bring (exept, maybe, of course, for a job), having a diploma than to someone who is self-taught? Of course, one cannot teach themselves medicine and be a surgeon then, but in this field, why having a degree in webdesign or whatever makes one more eligible than someone else that doesn’t have, yet still can present a portfolio of their works? How many artists and painters did NOT have a degree, or their schooling in this field was rather limited? Oh, yeah, questions, questions…

The picture from today I took in Waren (Müritz) – a little town between few lakes, giving you the feeling you’re on the seaside. While walking on a street, near this fence, someone made their presence known. It reminded me of my childhood; I spent many years in a town, where the houses had such tall fences and almost every yard had a dog. From under almost every gate came out a dog nose sniffing at the passer bys.


2 thoughts on “Sniffing Fence

  1. Very interesting blog on graphic design. I totally agree that it’s not a degree that makes the web designer. I admire your work even more now I know that it’s self taught.

    Also, very cute pic!!!

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