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 This time I am breaking my own rule and post 2 screen shots from my brand new online portfolio – Robby’s Designs.  I am still working on it, but it is more than 85% complete. I put there some of the websites and print works I was involved in creating. I still have to add in the Photo and respectively, the Flash sections. To get there, just click the link or one of the pictures.


8 thoughts on “Online portfolio

  1. I wasn’t aware there were rules about your blog 🙂 I’m curious what is this rule that broke?

    Anyway, great portfolio! Of course, I already knew some of them, especially the websites, for obvious reasons :D, but some of the prints were new to me. I absolutely loved the lollipops bags! Oh, and I smiled at the first item in “other” 😀 Cute!

    1. I usually post only one picture, this is the rule I made for my blog, only one picture per post.

      Yeah, those at Lollipops seem to have really liked that image, and the bags are not bad either 😀

  2. Just some very little remarks (I know you’re still working on it, so I hope it helps rather than upset you).

    1. Isn’t the colour for the “about me” part here a little bit too light for the white background? I had difficulty reading it.

    2. The title of the pages (the one that is displayed on the top bar of the browser) says Portofoliu (in Romanian) and then the other word is in English
    i.e. Portofoliu WEB, Portofoliu Print, etc.

    3. Since you are targeting the German market as well, I think it’s wonderful you put the about page in English and German. How about translating the portfolio descriptions as well (actually, I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but haven’t put it up yet)

    4. I’m not sure about this one, I mean technically – how it’s done, but is there a way that in the future you could “mask” the address with a .de domain name of your own?

    I’ve broken it in two comments so you can delete this last one if you wish.

    1. I always welcome constructive criticism, why delete the comment?

      1. Yeah, I know it’s very light, but I didn’t consider it very important, I wanted the stress to be on what I can offer and what I’ve done so far.

      2. Yes, I am aware of this too, will change that, of course.

      3. You are right, of course I thought of putting descriptions in German too, but I wanted to complete the portfolio and later to add them.

      4. I thought about it too, I was told it cannot be done. Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking of that. I’m still trying to find a solution for it. In the end, it doesn’t bother me sooooo much.

      TY again for your words and for the both comments:D

  3. Lool about nr. 1 – that was the exact feeling I got when I looked at it, and that’s why I was so obstinate in trying to read it.

    You see, to me it looked like you were trying to hide it, as if it was something fishy about that part, something you weren’t so proud of. It’s like when in the middle of a room someone ostentatiously draws a curtain. Your first impulse is to see what they are hiding behind it. Only then you notice the things that were in plain sight before the curtain.

    So, instead of diverting my attention from it, that was the first thing I wanted to read. Only after I read that I looked at what you can do, but I don’t remember that very much, because it took way more effort to decipher the other part – so that’s what I remember most.

    Of course there is the part where you say you’ve been in Germany since 2008 (Gosh how time files!) and there aren’t any works for German companies in the portfolio… But couldn’t you remedy that by doing some kind of volunteering for German NGO’s or I don’t know, like IMO did when they started web designing here… I mean target some small businesses (like they did with kindergartens)… You could target some very small local restaurants and offer to redesign their menus for a convenient price… I don’t know, I’m just brainstorming here…

    1. Well, it’s nothing fishy, but I didn’t consider that part of utmost interest. Probably I’ll make it more visible.

      It’s a good idea about “charity” working, it’s a good strategy. Brainstorming is always good. TY

  4. I like your work, especially the Lollipos work. I guess here you had more creative freedom than with an importer or manufacturer of less interesting stuff.

    I’d be totally impressed if I were to hire you!

    1. Thank you very much 😀 Well, Lollipops had definitely some clear lines that had to be followed, but I was rather free to do things how I saw them.

      I don’t think I#d mind having you as a client haha 🙂

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