1st of March Traditions

Germany, March 2011

For the 1st of March in Romania (and I think in other East European countries too), there is this custom of giving to women and girls something resembling a little brooch or jewel attached to a red and white thread. Their name: Martisor/Martisoare. Usually is the guys that give them to women, but in some parts of the countries men wear them too. It’s not the little brooch, but the thread that is actually important, as it symbolise many things, from purity, victory, feminine, to fire, masculine, energy and so on.  

When I was still there, I sent my wife one and she liked it so much, that she wished she would get one again. So, for this year, I made her two of them (a dragon-fly and a rainbow-flower) since, of course, you cannot find them here. I couldn’t even find a red-white thread, so I had to make it myself too. I used French beads and very thin wire. Now she is wearing them very proudly and she gets compliments for them from everyone.


5 thoughts on “1st of March Traditions

  1. They are lovely! Very imaginative – love all the colors! Here it seems the creators of martisoare have lost inspiration – only ugly things, kitschy beyond any limits AND expensive. To exemplify “how low can they go” – I’ve seen martisoare with the pic of Hanna Montana. WTF???

    1. Thank you very much 😀
      Hanna Montana??? HANNA MONTANA? WTF??? Next will be with Dr. House and Rhianna 😛
      Actually, I looked on the net too, to get some inspiration, and I could barely find something nice, a picture of a nice martisor. Only crap.

  2. Loool! Hannah Montana is actually cute, compared to the one with the picture of Nicolae Guta! And there actually is such thing as a martisor with Guta’s picture, I’m not kidding you (I wish I were!)

    anyway, I’ve just seen yours and they are brilliant, you truly couldn’t have found better ones even if you were still here, with the zillions of sellers on the streets these days, they’ve gone really kitchy and ugly and corny andy chinese. I really hate that.

    And what I always like about your gifts to her is that you craft them yourslef, and that takes gifting to a whole new level. I mean, it’s one thing to be considerate enough to remember a lady likes some trinkety gifts on some occasions (which, unfortunately most men don’t remember at all!), but it’s a totally different business adding the personal touch, even if that means finding a new and creative way of wrapping the present.

    1. Oh, the fail!!! *facepalm* & *headdesk* x 1000. Martisor with Nicolae Guta! Now I’ve heard them all!

      On a different note, it is sad that this beautiful custom gets ruined like this. It used to be art students that made them to earn some money, and they were creative. Now, Chinese??? Oh boy!

      Thank you very much 😀 I have to say that I have fun being creative and exploring new means, from French beads to gift wrapping. TY 🙂

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