Two Horses

 Bärenwalde, Germany, January 2011

 Yesterday we drove through Moritzburg and the forest. It has been snowing on and off in the last few days, there is no thick layer of snow, but a thin one covering the fields, while the trees are decorated with white lines of frost. Like in a fairy-tale. Outside a very small village there were these beautiful black horses. They didn’t seem to feel the cold (only -2 degrees Celsius, anyway). They were running around and playing in their “yard”. Later we saw that there were 2 other horses with them, but these two black ones were so fascinating and so beautiful to watch them.

I had to zoom in order to take pictures of them, but I like how it came out. The grainy texture, in some places being detectible even some blurriness, but I like the contrast it makes with the compact, black shapes of the two horses. I also like the almost monochrome created by the winter light that makes everything seem in shades and tints of blue.


4 thoughts on “Two Horses

  1. What a beautiful place! I’ve never lived in a country with a cold climate, would be very interesting. In here when it gets to 10 degrees is considered really cold…

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