Mit Parkschein


Meißen, January 2011

 So far our region has been spared of such big floods like in Australia or in other parts of Germany, this year. Never the less, the Elbe has been growing big, and the houses and gardens right on its shores are already flooded. Meißen, the town where the European white porcelain was invented, is now threatened by the Elbe and by Triebisch, a small creek, that crosses the town. In Meißen, on the Elbe’s shore are parking places, for all the tourists coming from all over the world to visit the Albrechtsburg, the Dome and the Porzellan Manufaktur (Porcelain Plant). Now only the fish and other marine creatures are parking there, and the sign in the picture is what remained visible from the parking place. And the announcement that one has to pay in order to park there.


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