A Winter’s Fairy-Tale

December 2010, Moritzburg, Germany

 Yesterday was a perfect day for going out to take winter pictures. I love all the seasons, but the winter scapes I find always to be the best ones. Of course, the explosion of rich colors in the other seasons, especially in autumn, is fascinating, but in winter one can really see the greatness of the Nature. Only a few colors, like white (and many will even say that white is not a color), black and brown, and yet millions of shades. Winter is Natures chance to be a minimalist designer, giving up on color. And while being alone in the forest, it’s easy to realize how it came that centuries ago people invented stories and fairy-tales. Everything is still, like frozen, there’s complete silence, your own steps and breathe sound like millions drums, and any other sound, blow of the breeze, crack of a broken twig makes you turn around nervous. In that stillness you feel like you expect some unnatural creature to jump in your way, from between the trees.

Yesterday I drove to Moritzburg, a little village not so far away, where’s a castle built in the middle of a lake. I drove through the woods, and of course took many pictures. It was so beautiful, it’s difficult to choose from the pictures, so I will be posting more of them in the next days.


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