In the Light

Kreuzkirche, Dresden, October 2010

While I am not a religious person, I like visiting churches, for aesthetical reasons, and, when possible, for photographical reasons as well. I won’t start now about how art evolved in close connection with religion, but I want to point out that, while rather difficul to take pictures there (becaue there’s not much light), one can find very beautiful shapes there and amazing games of light and shadow.

The picture today I took it in Kreuzkkirche, in Dresden. The church built around 1200, was destroyed on the WW2, like most of the historical center of Dresden, and rebuilt. Inside is very simple, typical Lutheran (say minimalist decoration), which enhances even more the beauty of the shapes, and of the light and shades cast through the windows in sunny days. The walls are covered by this gray/very light brown plaster, which also looks rather rugged and unfinished which I think it is (intended or not) a symbol, a reminder of the destruction and ruins caused by the war. Any war.


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