Project: St. Nikolaus Day, December 6th

December 2010

On 6th of December, here, like in some other European countries, is celebrated St. Nikolaus. Unlike his “counterpart”, Santa Claus, he existed for real. He was a bishop in the old Byzantine Empire. On the evening of 5th of December each year, children, and not only, clean their boots and make them ready for St. Nikolaus to come and bring them presents (not big, mostly consisting of sweets). Presents which he places in the said boots. Of course, on the 25th of December we celebrate Christmas too, but that’s a different story.

What does this have to do with my picture? These are the presents I gave for St. Nikolaus. Before, of course, I had to wrap them nicely, and this is the result. It was fun, and did it with stuff I found in the house.


2 thoughts on “Project: St. Nikolaus Day, December 6th

  1. How clever and also, how cute! I love the idea, and i think it actually shows more love than just buying the presents and have some lady at the shop wrap them in perfectly wrinkless paper!

    What did you get?

    1. Thank you. The gifts wrapped at the store are so… impersonal. And sometimes they make them look so kitchy.

      I got a really nice calendar with a cartoon cat (maybe I’ll post some pics) and Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Books” – Christmas stories by Charles Dickens, including the “A Christmas Carol in Prose” (of course, translated in German). The book is very nicely done, with original illustrations from the period when it was written.

      And you, what did you get?

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