Gothic couple

Leipzig, 2009

Every year, at the begining of the summer, takes place in Leipzig the Gothic Festival – Wave Gotik Treffen. While I’m not a fan of this music, EBM and such, I enjoyed it going there. I enjoyed it seeing all those people wearing one a more creative outfit than the other. And it’s just amazing how Leipzig – old German town, where the composer J.S. Bach worked for almost 30 years, and town to which a lot of history and many prominent figures are connected to – well, this town is filled for 3 days with teenagers and young people dressed like the images from a Bram Stoker or Mary Shelly book have been miraculously awoken to life. Black lipstic, black top hats, black crinoline dresses, black satin, black velvet, and yet not everything black. Arriving those days in Leipzig is like arriving in the middle of a huge vampires ball.


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