The Green Cotton-candy Lady

Dresden, 2009

For whatever reason, I am not so much into portrait photography. I see daily really fascinating people, on the street, and I would just stop them for a moment to take a picture of them. On the other hand, I find pictures more interesting when their subjects seem unaware of the presence of the camera. I like people in pictures, and thus in mine pictures too, to be and act natural. I don’t like the subjects to “pose”, I like the picture to be like a snippet stolen from their daily existence. But this is rather difficult, to take good pictures of your subjects (meaning, not blurry, not too “noisy”, etc) and yet not to get noticed. I guess that’s one of the reasons why while I have tons of pictures of landscapes, animals and buildings and what not, I have very few of people.

This picture today was taken in the summer of 2009, in Dresden, at the “Buntes Republik Neustadt” (a mockery to the official name of Germany – Bundes Republik Deutschland), which is a 3-days event organized by and in the Neustadt neighborhood, in Dresden. Neustadt (I think I said it in a previous post) is the part of the town where are located the artists, the students, the hippies, the punks,  the pubs and bars, the clubs and all those shops with bio food, hand-made stuff, arts and crafts and so on. During these 3 days people who live in this part of town, particularely on those streets where this event is organized, put outside the speakers and play loud music, or they organize a stand where they sell self-made food, drinks or arts&crafts stuff; all the pubs, clubs and restaurants put tables and seats on the street, in front of the business, and people can sit and drink there too; there are also mini-stages organized and all sort of bands come and play… the streets are filled with people dancing, drinking, eating, or just watching. And the people are also a show by themselves, some showing up really like dressed for a carnival.


6 thoughts on “The Green Cotton-candy Lady

  1. Well, I wasn’t exactly questioning the actual biological gender but more the style, you know like in the classic Disney cartoon where there’s this distiction “The Lady and the Tramp” … it looked more like a tramp than a lady … 🙂

  2. Great shot! Love the lady! And his butterfly purse!

    I see interesting people on the street too, but I wouldn’t dare to take their pics, even less to ask them to pose for me. Not that I’m much of a photographer anyway, but even if I wanted to try, I’m too shy.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Gaby likes the purse too.
      I wouldn’t ask them to pose for me, I would like to take their picture without being noticed. Sometimes I manage it, most of the times, not.

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