Swimsuits at 1900 and now

Heringsdorf, September 2009

Heringsdorf is one of those villages on the seaside turned into a tourists’ town. Placed on the Usedom island, only a couple of kilometers from the border with Poland, this village was turned into a resort even from the 19th century, from what I know. They built all those beautiful villas that can be seen even today, with wide French windows, that give a mediteraneean air to the place. One can see also, villas inspired from local architecture, fishermen’s houses with high roofs covered by black straws. As an irony, exactly due to the communists the place wasn’t renovated, wasn’t turned into one of those “modern, high-tech” beach resorts (like in for former West Germany, where they modernized a lot), and they left the villas untouched. Today many have been renovated and they look just as new. So, besides the usual activities when on vacation at the seaside, walking through the village and admiring the architecture is a must.

This sign in the picture I saw when we were walking through Herdingsdorf, to Bansin (the neighboring village), in front of a house. There 99% of the houses are hotels or private pensions, and everyone has rooms to rent, for the tourists. The sign is funny, reflecting the reality, and it reads “Swimsuits at 1900 and now”. I like not only the humor, but also its spontan creativity.

What can I add more? I cannot wait for a chance to go to Heringsdorf again.


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