At the end of the World

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Costa Rica, 2009

Originally uploaded by Photoweasel

I have so much to tell about the trip to Costa Rica, I would spend days talking and not finishing. I do intend, though, to post more pictures from this fantastic voyage. Even the circoumstances of how I ended up making a 3 weeks trip there are rather odd.

This picture, today, looks not like one would expect when thinking about this South-American country, due to the atmosphere created by the colors added in Photoshop. But I assume, during a storm, it looks similar to this. It was winter in Costa Rica, when the picture was taken, so it was raining a lot, and that’s why the sky looked so. Yet, the winter was the best time to travel there, because I was told in summer is unbearable there, or almost unbearable. I will be giving more details as I will post some “more typical” pictures. Though, the ocean is also typical for this country, that is like a string of earth in the infinity of water.


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