Angel Wing – New Card in the Shop

I was reading a couple of weeks ago one someone’s blog an entry about… blogging. They were stating something like, for example, a photographer is busy taking pictures, and doesn’t spend his/her time blogging. Well, blogging today is not only something where people just ramble about stuff, but it became also a powerful tool, so the photographer will still blog a bit. In my case I was busy with many things, among which coming up with new cards for the shop. So, please excuse my absence, I didn’t forget about the Photoweasel 😉


4 thoughts on “Angel Wing – New Card in the Shop

  1. Great… so you are working for your shop! Congrats!

    I am just dreaming about opening an etsy-like shop one day…. (I’m a cross-stitcher wannabe) But I haven’t taken any real step to that dream yet.

    I’m so happy you found time and the right state of mind to do this!

    P.S You may want to add the shop address in this posting too, for the ease of finding it (and for google :D)

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